I’m an Ambrosian now…

I’m excited to call Davenport, IA and St. Ambrose University my new home. The faculty and staff have been incredibly welcoming and helpful. I’ve already found lots of fun vintage shops around town, several great music venues, and a great art scene. I also got to tour Nahant Marsh where I’ll be helping the students in my bio class conduct original independent research 3 days per week! Stay tuned to find about about the exciting projects they design…


Aloha fieldwork

I just got back from an amazing field season in Hawaii. For the first time in my career, everything mostly went as planned–we actually did all the things we hoped to do! Our host, Paul, was amazing as well as our helpers from topside Jeanine, Cameron, and Marian. The community of Kalaupapa was welcoming, and the people we met were curious about or research and supportive. I had wonderful stimulating scientific conversations with everyone, especially my collaborators Robin Tinghitella and Jake Wilson. Thanks Orthopterists’ Society for funding our field season. #sometimesgoodthingshappentogoodpeople


Distilled Science Event is a success

The graduate students in my science communication class put on a science on tap event for their final exam. They designed an amazing flyer for the event!


And it was a huge success! Congratulations to all of the speakers for giving amazing talks. Thanks to everyone who attended–we had a great crowd. And thanks Matt Orin and El Charrito for hosting the event!

Diversity and Inclusion in Alaska!

The American Fisheries Society made diversity and inclusion part of their mission! They are making big changes, and I was thrilled to be invited by the committee head, Cheyenne Owens, to participate in a seminar at the annual meeting in Anchorage, AK. There were SO many cool talks over the 2-day symposium that gave me a lot to think about. The location was also quite spectacular. I even got to visit the cabin that my grandparents built as homesteaders where my mom was born (first pic below)!!!


Congratulations PP Club!

Big congratulations to the PP Club: Josie Evans, Brian Oberlies, Makenzie Day, Sophia Anner, and Sophia Fitzgerald!

What is PP Club and why am I congratulating them?

Two months ago I started the Proposal Party Club, which met weekly to work on proposals for research funding (DU Summer Research Grant and the Pustmueller Award). With guidance from Robin Tinghitella, me, and peer review, the 5 talented undergraduate members put together outstanding and unique proposals. All 5 were funded! I’m so proud of them and so excited to mentor 3 of them directly on edgy cricket research this summer!


It takes a village…


Kallie revised and submitted the final version of her honors thesis, and she presented her work at the Departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congrats Kallie!

Everyone who helped with the project was there, so we took a group photo. There are 7 authors on this work, and that’s what made it so amazing! Good science requires teamwork.


Papers out!

I’m excited to share 2 papers that just came out. Both of these resulted from fun collaborations with great scientists. The first is from my work at Zurich University in Switzerland with Wolf Blanckenhorn and Steffi Bauerfeind (see pics!). I had such a blast in that lab working with dung flies–what cool creatures!

1. Bauerfeind S, Soerensen JG, Loeschcke V, Berger D, Broder ED, Geiger M, Ferrari M, Blanckenhorn BU (2018) Geographic variation in responses to thermal stress in the yellow dung fly. Journal of Thermal Biology. 73, 41-49.

The second is another fun paper from the guppy gene flow team at CSU. This is John’s masters work and it is quite impressive. I’m thrilled to be included!


Dale Broder, Lisa Angeloni and John Kronenberger

2. Kronenberger JA, Gerberich J, Fitzpatrick SWBroder ED, Angeloni LM,and Funk WC (2018) An experimental test of risky population augmentationsConservation Biology.


New position

I’m excited to announce that I will be joining the faculty at St. Ambrose University this fall!

Like me, the biology department is committed to providing authentic science experiences for their students. Every undergraduate completes independent research as part of each core biology course. I can’t wait to be a part of a team where every faculty member uses cutting-edge pedagogic approaches in the classroom.

st ambrose

Come visit me in the Quad Cities (Davenport), Iowa beginning August 2018 🙂

Congratulations Kallie and Kirsten

I’m so proud of my two DU undergraduate mentees. Kallie Feldhaus and Kirsten Fetrow presented their research at The Front Range Student Ecology Symposium this week, and both won awards! Kallie one 1st place and Kirsten won 2nd place for best undergraduate poster. They have worked very hard and did an amazing job presenting their research. Congrats ladies. It has been such a pleasure working with you over the past year! #mamabearmoment


Kallie Feldhaus with her 1st place poster and coauthors (Whitley Lehto, Gabby Gurule-Small, Kallie, me, and Claudia Hallagan) at FRSES 2/2018


Kirsten Fetrow with her winning poster (2nd place) at FRSES 2018

Greeley girls teach local scientists about the zombie apocalypse!

Science Club, an after school authentic science program at Bella Romero Academy of Technology run by Katie Guilbert and me,  just wrapped up another successful year. For the past 6 months, 10 enthusiastic 8th-grade girls have been working on a research project investigating the difference in cognitive ability between wild and domestic guppies–they tested whether guppies could learn to fear zombies! This week, they presented their research at a regional scientific conference, The Front Range Student Ecology Symposium. They were SO amazing! They were professional and poised, and they enthusiastically presented their outstanding research. Their excitement about their original research was contagious, and many conference participants commented on how impressed they were. I’m so proud of them!!! Thank you FRSES for the chance to be a part of the scientific community. *Pictures*