Parents were more engaged than students!

We hosted groups of students + parents today as part of the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair. We set up 5 engaging, inquiry-based stations that highlighted the research that is underway in the guppy group at CSU. At each hands-on station, the parents enthusiastically answered questions before the students could!

Take-home message from today: You are never too old to be captivated by science:)

More potographs


Students learned about mating behavior and genitalia at my station,


the evolution of color patterns with Dr. Lisa Angeloni,


guppy parasites with Porsche Robison, 


and predator encounters recorded with a high-speed video camera with Dr. Emily Kane and John Kronenberger.

Thanks Rachel Bockrath for your help. And last but not least, thanks so much to Michelle Moyer for taking such AMAZING photographs!!!



Guinea pigs from Wellington Middle School gave us a thumbs up!

After a year of hard work, our self-guided guppy kits were ready for a test run on 3.25.2016. We were lucky enough to get a bright and engaged group of 7th-graders from Wellington Middle School that were willing to be our guinea pigs. They worked through the kit in pairs and thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experiments with live animals. They gave us some great feedback, which we incorporate for round 2 on April 29th. Thanks for your support Ms. Jordan’s class! Check out my co-creator Emily Kane’s blog for details on the kit development. *pictures*



Guppy kits are a hit

Emily Kane and I presented our guppy kits at the SICB meeting this week, and they were a big hit. We are so excited about the enthusiasm from fellow biologists are gearing up to us this kits in classrooms this semester.


An update from Bella Romero Academy

Students in the after school science club at Bella Romero Academy have been making serious progress on their research. They agreed on a question: how does guppy anti-predator behavior differ depending on the sense they use to perceive a threat? After generating some hypotheses, they designed and built experimental set-ups. We are already collecting data!

We have an auditory, tactile cue...

We have an auditory, haptic cue…

We have olfactory cues...

We have olfactory cues…

And last but not least, a visual cue.

And last but not least, a visual cue.

GREEBs 2015

I can’t believe that I forgot to post GREEBs pictures! This is one of my favorite conferences and I never miss it. This year Bill Bowman did an excellent job organizing the meeting. All of the talks were great and the Mountain Research Station was beautiful. Thanks to everyone who made this another successful year.

Scientific talk sound better when you are sitting in a real log cabin with a wood-burning stove.


And we were just in time for the "gold rush"

And we were just in time for the “gold rush”

Science on Tap Talk

I had the opportunity to talk about my work with the public at a local brewery! Patero’s Creek Brewing Company hosts a monthly Science on Tap event and I was the invited speaker on August 31st. There was a fantastic turn out (standing room only)  and I had a great time talking about my work with the public. If you couldn’t make it out, you can watch the 1-hour event here.


Water week

We just had some lovely guests in the guppy lab today as part of water week. Thanks Alisha for bringing your students to learn about local adaptation in guppies. Check out some pictures from the event.


Press about our recent paper

I just realized that I never posted to say that we had an exciting paper published last month. Instead of giving you the low down, I’ll direct you to a press piece that did a great job capturing the important parts of the paper. Thanks FishSens for your interest in our work. And check out the paper if you are interested in learning more.