Welcome to the Broder Lab! We study rapid evolution and plasticity in an effort to understand how biodiversity is created and maintained. We ask how evolutionary processes interact to drive rapid adaptation to new and changing environments using insect and fish systems and both field and laboratory approaches. We also use authentic science experiences in the classroom, in mentoring, and in community engagement in order to increase understanding of the scientific process as a way of knowing, increase scientific self-efficacy, and increase participation in STEM. Equality is a foundation of our research, teaching, and community engagement.

The Broder lab is committed to equality and inclusion for all people. We recognize that because of systemic inequality in the U.S., identity shapes the experience that each individual has before, during, and after leaving our lab–we strive to acknowledge these differences and celebrate the diverse experiences and skills of our lab members and collaborators. We commit to educating ourselves on issues of diversity, recognizing that this is a lifelong journey. 


“Don’t dream it, be it” -Dr. Frank-N-Furter