An update from Bella Romero Academy

Students in the after school science club at Bella Romero Academy have been making serious progress on their research. They agreed on a question: how does guppy anti-predator behavior differ depending on the sense they use to perceive a threat? After generating some hypotheses, they designed and built experimental set-ups. We are already collecting data!

We have an auditory, tactile cue...

We have an auditory, haptic cue…

We have olfactory cues...

We have olfactory cues…

And last but not least, a visual cue.

And last but not least, a visual cue.


GREEBs 2015

I can’t believe that I forgot to post GREEBs pictures! This is one of my favorite conferences and I never miss it. This year Bill Bowman did an excellent job organizing the meeting. All of the talks were great and the Mountain Research Station was beautiful. Thanks to everyone who made this another successful year.

Scientific talks sound better when you are sitting in a real log cabin with a wood-burning stove.


And we were just in time for the "gold rush"

And we were just in time for the “gold rush”