Parents were more engaged than students!

We hosted groups of students + parents today as part of the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair. We set up 5 engaging, inquiry-based stations that highlighted the research that is underway in the guppy group at CSU. At each hands-on station, the parents enthusiastically answered questions before the students could!

Take-home message from today: You are never too old to be captivated by science 🙂

More potographs


Students learned about mating behavior and genitalia at my station,


the evolution of color patterns with Dr. Lisa Angeloni,


guppy parasites with Porsche Robison, 


and predator encounters recorded with a high-speed video camera with Dr. Emily Kane and John Kronenberger.

Thanks Rachel Bockrath for your help. And last but not least, thanks so much to Michelle Moyer for taking such AMAZING photographs!!!