GREEBs this year at RMBL (Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory) was stunning. This was my first visit to Gothic, CO and it might be my favorite GREEBs location yet. CSU and DU were well represented with almost every member of the Angeloni lab giving great talks and many great talks from the Tinghitella and Murphy labs. Here are some pictures from the field station.


Some CSU representatives at GREEBs 2016 (me, Eva Hoffman, Brett Seymoure, Casey Lee, Clif McKee, Lisa Angeloni, Justin Havird, Chris Schell and baby Cairo)

Dr. Dale Broder

Success! You can see that I’m smiling at the end of my seminar because it’s over! I had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family and am so grateful that so many people could be there to celebrate this life event with me. I couldn’t have done it without you so thank you, thank you, thank you.