3 papers accepted!

Some papers were excepted! I’ve never published in The American Biology Teacher and now 3 are in the queue! So excited to share all of this work and very proud of all the hard-working co-authors. I’m not sure when they’ll come out so stay tuned. Congrats all around!

3. Kane EA, Broder ED, Warnock AC, Butler CM, Judish AL, Angeloni LM, Ghalambor CK (In press) Small fish, big questions: inquiry kits for teaching evolution. The American Biology Teacher.

2. Braude S, Margulis S, Broder ED (In pressThe study of animal behavior provides valuable opportunities for original science fair projects: recommendations from the Animal Behavior Society Education Committee. The American Biology Teacher.

1. Broder EDAngeloni LM, Simmons S, Warren S, Knudson KD, Ghalambor CK (In press) Authentic science with live organisms can improve evolution education. The American Biology Teacher.


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