Girl power at DU!

So I started a postdoc September 2016 at the University of Denver. The fall was crazy–moving and wrapping up at CSU. In 2017, I started teaching and got to know my lab mates, fellow IRISE postdocs, and mentors. I just want to take a moment to brag about how amazing everyone is. Here are some pictures from a cocktail party I hosted this weekend:

I have the greatest mentors that anyone could imagine. Robin Tinghitella and Shannon Murphy are amazing role models, collaborators, and cheerleaders.


Both Robin’s lab and Shannon’s lab have adopted me. Each is comprised exclusively of brilliant, creative, and capable female graduate students. (Robin’s lab pictured here)


Finally, fellow IRISE postdocs Angel and Pranietha are lovely and supportive women scholars.


Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!
Who run this motha? Girls!
Who run this motha? Girls!

FRSES 2017

The Bella Romero crew rocked this year. They presented a great poster with a fascinating question at this year’s Front Range Student Ecology Symposium. We also toured some labs at CSU in a blizzard and had a great time! *pictures*