Step 1: submission

So I decided it’s time to celebrate all parts of the lengthy arduous publication process. Here are the big 4 in my opinion:

  1. Submitting
  2. Finding out it is accepted with revisions
  3. Finding out that your revisions are adequate and it’s accepted for real
  4. Seeing it in print

Today, I’m celebrating step 1!

I’ve been working with two talented undergrads since March to publish a teaching resource that we developed. It introduces natural selection, adaptation, inheritance, and mutation to students in grades 3-5 using an interactive game. I’m very proud of the product and hope that we can get it out to teachers. Fingers crossed!



Lab mates pretended to be 3rd graders and tested the activity in April.

More than anything, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Lindsay Todd and Lisa Keim on this project. They are bright, hard-working, creative, and great at communication. This collaboration has truly been a joy, and I can’t wait to see what they do after graduation, which is tomorrow :-).


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