Girl Power in Greeley

I have a dedicated group of 8th-grade scientists this year at Bella Romero Academy in Greeley, CO. We’ve spent the past few weeks observing guppies and thinking of scientific questions. We just narrowed the questions to the ONE! Are there differences in cognitive ability between males and females and between wild versus domestic guppies? We are using an associative learning task to measure cognition, and we just started designing our experiment. This one is going to be pretty fun so stay tuned! #girlpower

I created a grant!

I am excited to announce the brand new Educational Outreach Grant through the Animal Behavior Society. I have been working on this for the past year with the help of the ABS Education and Outreach Committee, especially Sue Margulis. Our proposal was accepted, so we will be able to fund the first round in 2018. Check out the announcement!


ABS Educational Outreach Grants are now available for 2018! 
Successful applicants will receive up to $500, and their work will be featured on the ABS website in a new permanent section highlighting outreach.
Proposals are due December 1, 2017.