Greeley girls teach local scientists about the zombie apocalypse!

Science Club, an after school authentic science program at Bella Romero Academy of Technology run by Katie Guilbert and me,  just wrapped up another successful year. For the past 6 months, 10 enthusiastic 8th-grade girls have been working on a research project investigating the difference in cognitive ability between wild and domestic guppies–they tested whether guppies could learn to fear zombies! This week, they presented their research at a regional scientific conference, The Front Range Student Ecology Symposium. They were SO amazing! They were professional and poised, and they enthusiastically presented their outstanding research. Their excitement about their original research was contagious, and many conference participants commented on how impressed they were. I’m so proud of them!!! Thank you FRSES for the chance to be a part of the scientific community. *Pictures*


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