Papers out!

I’m excited to share 2 papers that just came out. Both of these resulted from fun collaborations with great scientists. The first is from my work at Zurich University in Switzerland with Wolf Blanckenhorn and Steffi Bauerfeind (see pics!). I had such a blast in that lab working with dung flies–what cool creatures!

1. Bauerfeind S, Soerensen JG, Loeschcke V, Berger D, Broder ED, Geiger M, Ferrari M, Blanckenhorn BU (2018) Geographic variation in responses to thermal stress in the yellow dung fly. Journal of Thermal Biology. 73, 41-49.

The second is another fun paper from the guppy gene flow team at CSU. This is John’s masters work and it is quite impressive. I’m thrilled to be included!


Dale Broder, Lisa Angeloni and John Kronenberger

2. Kronenberger JA, Gerberich J, Fitzpatrick SWBroder ED, Angeloni LM,and Funk WC (2018) An experimental test of risky population augmentationsConservation Biology.


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