Congratulations PP Club!

Big congratulations to the PP Club: Josie Evans, Brian Oberlies, Makenzie Day, Sophia Anner, and Sophia Fitzgerald!

What is PP Club and why am I congratulating them?

Two months ago I started the Proposal Party Club, which met weekly to work on proposals for research funding (DU Summer Research Grant and the Pustmueller Award). With guidance from Robin Tinghitella, me, and peer review, the 5 talented undergraduate members put together outstanding and unique proposals. All 5 were funded! I’m so proud of them and so excited to mentor 3 of them directly on edgy cricket research this summer!


It takes a village…


Kallie revised and submitted the final version of her honors thesis, and she presented her work at the Departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congrats Kallie!

Everyone who helped with the project was there, so we took a group photo. There are 7 authors on this work, and that’s what made it so amazing! Good science requires teamwork.