Distilled Science Event is a success

The graduate students in my science communication class put on a science on tap event for their final exam. They designed an amazing flyer for the event!


And it was a huge success! Congratulations to all of the speakers for giving amazing talks. Thanks to everyone who attended–we had a great crowd. And thanks Matt Orin and El Charrito for hosting the event!

Diversity and Inclusion in Alaska!

The American Fisheries Society made diversity and inclusion part of their mission! They are making big changes, and I was thrilled to be invited by the committee head, Cheyenne Owens, to participate in a seminar at the annual meeting in Anchorage, AK. There were SO many cool talks over the 2-day symposium that gave me a lot to think about. The location was also quite spectacular. I even got to visit the cabin that my grandparents built as homesteaders where my mom was born (first pic below)!!!