Congrats Lindsay!

About a year ago I posted about the long journey from conception of an idea to submitting it for publication. Two students in my evolution class created a game to teach evolution by natural selection to third graders. The NGSS now suggests that we teach this topic as early as third grade, but there are very few resources available for teachers. I have been working closely with Lindsay Todd, the lead author, for almost 2 years, and this week her hard work was rewarded! Our paper was accepted in the journal Children and Science. I’m very proud of Lindsay’s perseverance and great attitude. She was a joy to work with–if only St. Ambrose had a graduate program!

I’m an Ambrosian now

I’m excited to call Davenport, IA and St. Ambrose University my new home. The faculty and staff have been incredibly welcoming and helpful. I’ve already found lots of fun vintage shops around town, several great music venues, and a great art scene. I also got to tour Nahant Marsh where I’ll be helping the students in my bio class conduct original independent research 3 days per week! Stay tuned to find about about the exciting projects they design…