Happy Halloween!

I have had such a blast teaching honors animal communication this semester. Today for class we had a costume party with a potluck while we gave peer feedback on research proposals.


Finished fieldwork just in time

This morning I was greeted by an early snow. Fortunately, we finished data collection for the semester last week. Whew! I’m so excited to see what the students found. All 8 research projects this semester are creative, well-designed, and well-executed. Stay tuned for results …

Interdisciplinary animal communication

This class has been such a treat to design and teach. We are studying how scientists communicate their research on animal communication with some ethics thrown in. The students have been troopers. They are not biology majors, but they jumped in and collected and analyzed data on social behaviors in ducks.

Then this weekend we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the local zoo where we got to help collect data on zoo animals and learn about the enrichment program, which uses the literature to create enrichment resources for every animals (each gets 6 per day!) to encourage natural behavior. Thank you SO much Joel Vanderbush for making this field trip happen!

Field work underway at the marsh

Despite flooding at Nahant Marsh, my intrepid freshman are collecting data for their independent research projects. We have some exciting questions this year like the effect of goat grazing on soil invertebrates, road salt effects on aquatic plants, Mollusk diversity across prairie habitats, and so much more! Stay tuned…