Aloha (bye) Hawaii

I am back in Iowa after another successful field season in Hawaii with a PSA for everyone: conducting fieldwork with the flu is not advisable. It was a rough one. (Yes I did get a flu shot.)

We were only able to collect all the data we needed because everyone in our research group is outstanding! Thanks Robin, Jay, and David for being so amazing–a special thanks to Erica Larson who joined us and “jumped” right in, helping with anything and everything. Thanks for covering for me while I was in bed with a fever for 2 days and picking up slack while I was miserably sick for another 7 days. In addition to sickness, we also had to adapt our research plans to deal with unforeseen challenges like rain and crazy wind almost every evening. Some field seasons are marathons–we walked a little bit but we crossed the finish line 🙂

And here are some pictures of the scenery…Hawaii is beautiful…wow…can’t complain