evolving shorter genitalia

Check out our new paper that came out today! Male guppies evolved shorter genitalia in 8-12 generations when they were moved to streams with fewer predators. That’s rapid evolution! The amount of food but not predator odors in the environment also affected genitalia length (developmental plasticity).

Graphical abstract

Fall 2020 is… still happening!

I cannot believe that we are finishing week 4 and are still meeting face-to-face. I guess masks do work. It has been an adventure with fogging face shields, students in quarantine, crutches for the first 2 weeks, and courses delivered all of the ways (all of my classes are face-to-face, and students can join virtually synchronously, and everything is recorded for them to watch later). One new twist is that we were not allowed to travel to the marsh this semester for field research… so we’re doing urban ecology in the public park across from campus instead. So far it’s going well and is a lot of fun. Highlights include observing duck behavior and discussing Chris Schell’s new paper. I was so impressed with how well my freshman did with the material–Chris you’ve already impacted 50+ freshman with your work!