CSU Math, Science, Tech Day

Dr. Lisa Angeloni gives an introduction to guppies

Dr. Lisa Angeloni gives an introduction to guppies

(Oct 2013) We organized a workshop called “Colorful World of Guppies” in conjunction with CSU’s 23rd annual Math, Science, Tech Day. 100 fourth graders from the area visited the guppy lab to learn about  our research and to get a better understanding of adaptation. Students drew color patterns of guppies that evolved with predators, without predators, and guppies that were artificially selected by pet store guppy breeders. Students discussed the effect that predation pressure has on guppy color and body size. Finally, we watched amazing videos of guppies being predated upon by cichlid predators compliments of Nigel Noriega. *Photos*

(Oct 2014) We just We completed another successful CSU Science, Math, & Tech Day where we helped local 4th-graders understand the way different environments select for different traits in guppies, specifically color patterns, body size, and behavior. We had a blast, met some great future scientists, and had great support form the organizers of the event. Thanks to Lisa Angeloni for organizing the event and to Emily Kane, Sarah Westrick, John Kronenberger, and Austin Broberg for your help the day of. *Photos*

Guppy biologist participants: Dr. Lisa Angeloni, Dr. Cameron Ghalambor, John Kronenberger, Eva Fischer, and Alisha Shah


Drawings of guppies with different evolutionary histories

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