Guppy Kits

I have been working with Drs. Emily Kane, Cameron Ghalambor, Lisa Angeloni, and the CSU College of Natural Sciences Education and Outreach Center (Andrew Warnock, Courtney Butler, and Anita Judish) to create self-guided guppy kits that teach middle and high school students about evolution. We based the kits on the 7th-grade program that I developed with Dr. Cameron Ghalambor, Sarah Warren, Stephanie Simmons, and Kaitlin Dunn. Emily Kane has done a fantastic job blogging about our progress over the past year, so check out her blog for detailed information.

March 2016: We tested the kits with a group of students! *pictures*

May 2016: The EOC hosted an event where local teachers could come work through the kits. It was an amazing event made more significant because my mom (Jacqueline) and long-time collaborator (Stephanie Simmons) were able to attend! * pictures*



7th-grade students try out the kits for the first time 3.25.16



Jacqueline Broder and Stephanie Simmons work through a guppy kit.