Resources for teachers

All of the programs that I have developed can be implemented in any classroom by any teacher. I am happy to provide resources or direct you to publications that include lesson plans. Please contact me if interested.



5-gallon tank with a sponge filter

If you are interested in the guppy kit program, please contact Dr. Andrew Warnock at the CSU Education and Outreach Center.

For teachers that are temporarily keeping guppies in the classroom for a program, please find basic care instructions below:

Housing: Guppies may be kept in 5-gallon tanks (or larger) with a simple filter (like a sponge filter) and a  heater. The heater should be set at 75 degrees and water temperature must stay between 70-80 degrees. If you are using native guppies, you can keep 20 in a 5-gallon tank. For larger-bodied pet store varieties, however, 10 is the maximum you should keep in a 5-gallon tank without frequent water changes.

Feeding: You should feed guppies tropical flakes once daily. Only feed a few pinches–just what they can consume in 5 minutes.

Cleaning: If you only keep guppies for a few weeks, you don’t need to worry about cleaning. However, if guppies are kept at a high density or the water becomes cloudy from over-feeding, you can use a ‘vacuum’ to siphon out about half of the water. Siphon water from the bottom of the tank being sure to move around the gravel. Discard about half of the water and replace it with treated water. You can use drops that dechlorinate tap water and just follow the directions on the bottle.  Try to adjust the tap water to the same water temperature from the tank, approximately  75 degrees, before gently adding it to the tank.

Mortality: Death is part of life and can be somewhat common in big tanks where many fish are housed. Use a designated net to remove and discard any dead fish as soon as possible. If more than one fish dies in 24-hours, you may have a disease outbreak. Let me know ASAP so that I can diagnose and treat the tank.

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