Meet me

14125512_1146488365422235_8732495745894411225_oBroder CV (updated 8:2018)

I was introduced to scientific research at the University of Georgia (UGA).  Because of lack of exposure during my K-12 education in Alabama, I did not consider research tangible or attainable until my time at UGA where I fortunately met inspirational mentors and was provided opportunities to conduct ecological research. I am committed to bringing authentic science experiences to classrooms.

My research spans the fields of evolution, animal behavior, conservation, fisheries ecology, and science education. I use both field and laboratory approaches, work with multiple study systems including Trinidadian guppies and field crickets, and I collaborate with incredibly talented critical thinkers at all levels including K-12 teachers, undergraduates, agency scientists, graduate students, and faculty.  I also work to foster change so that the next cohort of scientists reflects the cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic background of our country.



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